Our practical sheets

Our practical sheets

The "Carrez" measurement

The mandatory diagnostics

When selling a lot in a condominium, the compromis (or the promise of sale) and thedeed of sale must indicate the surface area of the private portion of the lot. This is called the " Carrez " measurement.
On the day of the signature of thenotarial act, the notary gives a certificate mentioning the surface of the private part of the lot.

It is not necessary to measure cellars, garages, parking lots, or lots with an area of less than 8 m2.

The measurement must be carried out according to the rules defined by the law. Some surfaces do not have to be taken into account. Thus, the " Carrez " surface is the surface area of the floors of the closed and covered premises after deduction of the surfaces occupied by the walls, partitions, steps and stairwells, sheaths, doorways and windows. It is not taken into account the floors of parts of the premises with a height of less than 1m 80.

The law does not require the measurement to be carried out by a professional, however, if it appears after the sale that the surface area of the lot is more than 5% less than that mentioned in the deed, the buyer will obtain a reduction in the price in proportion to the real surface area of the lot. He must take legal action within one year of the signing of thedeed of sale.

Finally, if the contract does not mention the surface area of the lot, the buyer can obtain the nullity of the sale. He must take legal action within one month of the signing of the deed ofsale.