Our practical sheets

Our practical sheets

MaPrimeRénov : terms and conditions of application

The buyer's rights

New terms and conditions apply from October 1, 2020. The amount of MaPrimeRénov aid depends on the household's reference tax income, the work planned, and finally the energy gain. Five profiles meeting these criteria have been established: MaPrimeRénov'Bleu, MaPrimeRénov'Jaune, MaPrimeRénov'Violet, MaPrimeRénov'Rose. local aid. A simulator is available to individuals on the site www.faire.gouv.fr.

Good to know: for work undertaken as of 29/10/2022, an increase in financial aid (EEC) is granted for the replacement of an oil-fired boiler by a heat pump, a combined solar system, a biomass boiler or a connection to a heating network supplied mainly by renewable or recuperated energies.

Once the amount of aid that can be paid has been determined, the individual must apply for MaPrimeRénov' online at < a href='https://www.maprimerenov.gouv.fr' target='_blank'>www.maprimerenov.gouv.fr.
The aid is paid at the end of the work but an advance is possible to pay the deposit on estimate.

Note that the CITE is temporarily maintained for expenses relating to:
  • Electric vehicle charging systems up to in 2023, and,
  • For closed fireplaces and log or pellet inserts up to a lump sum of 600 euros.

As of July 1, 2022 , beneficiaries of MaPrimeRénov' can apply for an eco-PTZ thanks to a simplified procedure.
No supporting documents need to be sent; the sole notification of the ANAH attributing MaPrimeRénov' is sufficient to request the benefit of an eco-PTZ.

As of January 1, 2023, it will become mandatory to mention in the DPE model the final energy consumption of the dwelling, in relation to the living area considered.